August Entrepreneurship Online Series: Women in Business & The Art of No Fear We're excited to have Danielle Fernandes from Innovation Canada host an informative online workshop on everything you need to know about conquering fear in business as a female entrepreneur!

An entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist, speaker, and writer, Danielle has worked with endless clients from large-scale corporations to smaller scale non-profits. She is the Founder and CEO of Bantr Inc Digital Marketing Agency, the President and Co-Founder of Capital Street Media as well as Director/CMO of Thinking North. She is passionate about plant based lifestyles, animal rights, her basset hounds Seymour & Seely and her horse, Villette. Danielle is an avid reader and holds true to a minimum of a book a week ranging from business to classic English literature and any content by her hero, Malcolm Gladwell. She also sits on the board of Holy Crap Brands and Project (In) Kind.

During this workshop, you will gain:
  • Tactics to walk into any room with confidence and bravado
  • Networking Tips for an enjoyable and beneficial experience
  • Hustle for the end game - how to stay motivated
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