August Entrepreneurship Online Series: Telling the Story of Your Business We're excited to have Kasey Dunn, Program Coordinator at ICUBE @ UTM  host an informative online workshop on everything you need to know about Telling the Story of Your Business!

Kasey Dunn is a serial entrepreneur who has founded a number of companies and non-profit organizations tied to social innovation and the arts community. In her most recent role she served as program manager for all women’s programming at Community Innovation Lab. Kasey is passionate about empowering through innovation and entrepreneurship, and addressing the socio-economic barriers that hold women back from reaching their full potential.

Her diverse background including a BA in Liberal Arts, career in the fine performing arts, and experience as a civic engagement and animal rights advocate, informs her creative and impact-driven approach to entrepreneurship. Kasey is currently a women’s entrepreneurship mentor with the Diversity Institute’s WEHub at the Ted Roger’s School of Management, and a facilitator at Daniel’s Artscape Launchpad for creative entrepreneurs.

During this workshop, you will gain:
  • The art of storytelling for your brand
  • Storytelling vs. Pitching
  • How to build an elevator pitch
  • Tips and tricks for speaking about your business strategically and effectively
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